Artistic attention
Quality materials
Luxury craftsmanship

“Eventually everything connects-people, ideas, objects ...
the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se”

- C. Eames -

Quality handbag, a precise choice
to respect environment.

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Internationally-acclaimed leather goods designer Jiyoung Hur created Irevedì in 2019.
Designer, style advisor, leather product specialist and teacher, she is also a wife and a mother.

A woman who knows women have challenges and always need an everyday reliable bag to carry solutions.

Irevedì listens to women who live in a fast-paced world and hand-crafts its bags with passion, with a strong commitment towards the environment.
This is the Irevedì, a project by Jiyoung Hur.

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Careful Choice

Irevedì is constantly looking for the finest quality fabrics from all over the world, especially from Thailand, where the tradition of craftsmanship meets innovation and the fabrics are often characterized by artistic prints.

Irevedì uses metal-free leather as part of the brand’s commitment to sustainable choices.
Genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather is treated by natural substance (from trees and plants) in full respect of humankind and the environment.

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The Artisans

Our young and expert artisans take care of the whole process that leads to the creation of our unique bags. They are driven not only by passion but also by a large experience gained while working with the most important luxury brands in the international fashion industry.

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